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“Among the sounds the musicians of the Canadian band Twin heard while canoeing the Los Angeles River were chirping birds, lapping waves, rustling trees and the screeching of a police department helicopter siren. Musically speaking, the LAPD's Loud Hailer airborne siren leaves something to be desired. As it was blaring, scaring the bejesus out of everyone in earshot, you had to wonder:    What's a nice folk band like Twin doing on a river like this.”-  LA Weekly

In February 2011 4 members of TWIN, Canadian Performer Eva Klassen and Los Angeles Filmmaker Danny Louangxay embarked on a legendary journey celebrating the newly designated Los Angeles River as  "Traditional Navigable Waters". The group of 6 were arrested and charged on site halfway through the L.A River Canoe Tour N.W of downtown in Studio City. The 4 day tour was completed by public transit after which a 7 month court battle ensued. The 6 members of the trip got the case thrown out after long and hard international deliberation and rebutting false facts. Echo Park Film/Los Angeles School of Film, Filmmaker Danny Laoungxay created a  documentary of this historic urban adventure!


Coyote Man- poem by David Fort


Coyote Man River Keeper Fire Watcher

One eye half shut broken and scratched glittering like the rarest of Diamonds that guide the way in the deepest darkest of caves.

Fire Watcher Coyote Man River Keeper

The kids call him bench guy claiming his position with his modest blankets every night.

In another time another place he is the Grandfather, The Elder speaking only when necessary full of wisdom that comes with a lifetime without books and the intricacies of description.





River Keeper Fire Watcher Coyote Man

Watching, listening, smelling...... Danger, none tonight, the usual fare. Youngsters getting high, a few scattered cyclists, trains stopping for that 5 hour window, freeway never ending flowing in it's low tide meditative trance, Distant sirens and the flowing River. Birds standing tall and still, lizards scurrying, and the coyote scavenging, fast and furry. This is the peace time.


Coyote Man Fire Watcher River Keeper


Past, Present fused in unity sharing with all the surrounding dimensions


Low and Crescent a rocking chair to sit and fish for eternity by the lazy river.



On the horizon, time to wake find water scavenge for food, slowly methodically in the ally ducking, digging unbeknownst to the millions all around.


embracing every small victory-clean water-unfinished fresh food-loose change

Coyote Man

The sun is high in the sky


Rest with the others in that place of silent agreement. That place stuck in time. Shopping carts, old vehicles, bridges and wilting palm trees.

Rest in that place


Scavenge the wasteful remains of the millions one more time.


Sun setting slowly methodically making the way home.

Coyote Man Fire Watcher River Keeper

No clouds tonight, No rain birds lizards scavenging fast and furry.



River Keeper

watching one eye open Diamonds in the night.

Fire Watcher

Sharing stories for those with patient ears.

Coyote Man

Rest We are safe and sacred in your presence.

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