Seed Share/Elder's Project

      Hypno-folk musicians, Twintwa are revisting the way music and culture is brought to communities both big and small. The River Paddling & Music concert series is travelling by River and it is bringing more than just music. The group working with others hopes to invigorate an already growing land based movement. TWIN is working to create seed share zones and are calling out to land based peoples of all walks of life to come share both seed and knowledge so that we may all break free from the industrial food model. We are  supporting gardening projects, independent seed banks and curious growers all around the world. The time to save, spread and teach about growing is now and for everyone.

      The Elder's project is a call out to both oral and regional history. Everywhere TWIN goes we are searching for people who have lived in an area for a long time to tell us about how things used to be, stories they remember as well as a way of reconnecting with our elder's. The River Paddling & Music tours are called just that as we are inviting people from all walks of life to join us on the River for these journey's. To know the water is to love the water and to love the water is to heal the water. To heal the water is to heal ourselves.

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