Sturgeon Saskatchewan River Paddling & Music Tour 2014 

Having just returned from our first annual Sturgeon Saskatchewan River Music & Paddling tour we are already looking towards our next tour on the Assiniboine River, not without reflecting and resting on the northern trip we just had. We made our own notes about landing sites and rapids, scouting the 3rd set from the Sturgeon Weir Landing. Denare Beach, Sturgeon Landing, Cumberland House, and the Pas put on great shows .


An artist from Flin Flon named even made us banners to take on our trip that were filled with pictures and messages from towns and folks along the way. 


The water this year was very high on the Saskatchewan River only seeing 1 stable sandbar which is the one we camped on before the Big Bend. we shared that little island with a wolverine that growled at us through the bushes and saw beaver tracks which we heard sliding into the water in the night. there weren't many places along the river to stop going from Cumberland House to the Pas, so we pushed forward and made to the Pas a day early.