Recorded during the whirlwind Valentine's weekend of Fireside #11 2022 reunited artists Forest Her Dress, Eagle Lake Owls and Twintwa went above and beyond the live to performance to assemble the cross collaborative 3 song EP that is Bleeding Hearts. 

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We Rise and Dance We Sleep and Dream continues to stretch Twintwa's genre defining craft featuring banjo, flute, accordion, guitar, cello, samples and integrated harmonies. Tracks 5 and 6 mark the greatest departure with heavy drums, distortion/wah bass assaults and an amped up looping violin that will leave you short of breath!

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TWIN's second Full length album since Mooneyesun joined the project 4 years ago. Deeply integrated harmonies, story telling songwriting and an emotional roller coaster clocking in just under 37 minutes!

"Twintwa is muchmore sinister than any other folk being made, and it's much more heartfelt than any indie RocK."

“★★★★ TWIN Sharing Secrets With Strangers EP (2-ply collective) This five-song EP from TWIN — the river-rambling alt-folk project of Dave Fort (Absent Sound) — is stripped-down but it’s anything but

slight. The first two tracks — The Inevitable and Prairie Loon — are folk-noir tunes with a preoccupation

with death, but TWIN delivers this heavy material with incredible buoyancy; Fort’s spirited refrain "I’m gonna live till I die" is nothing

short of anthemic. This is one of those uncluttered, quietly affecting that delivers a serious emotional

wallop — the haunting Unspoken with its propulsive build is a definite

highlight — and deserves your undivided attention.”

- Jen Zoratti, Uptown Winnipeg.

Similar to Bob Dylan’s trademark Neverending Tour, Twintwa perpetually travel by canoe across the rivers of North America playing wherever and whenever they can in hopes of spreading their music through means entirely unique to them. Somehow, they even found time to record a debut album in between their voyages. And North Americana couldn’t be more aptly titled, as this is one fierce piece of down-to-earth folkery. The band eschews norms that

inhabit so much acoustic music of late and focuses on a more traditional sound that brings to mind rolling hills, endless prairies and (appropriately) long canoe voyages.

PAST RELEASES - click pics for links

Daughter Sun Ep link

The Daughter Sun ep was recorded at both Naked City Audio in Las Vegas and Home St Recording in Winnipeg.

Ceremony album link

A 9 song 6 video DVD shot in the Bay area March of 2013 with Emily Granger just prior to the first Sacramento River Music Armada.

Live at Graffitti Gallery album link

Twin: Live at the Graffiti Gallery. A super rare first release DVD. Filmed

by Brian Longfield at the Graffitti Gallery ecleactACOUSTIC in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Click c.d picture for link!