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Loveaby Lullabies

A new songwriting approach focused soulely and I do mean heart and soul on softly singing you to sleep. Loveabies!!! This one was written on the Lyre. Deep Earth Poetry under the picture and here is the link - please like and subscribe for more Deep Earth Folk and Loveabies --

Deep Earth Poetry "LOVEABY"

Loveaby, Loveaby My sweet love Loveaby Loveaby

Birdy's tweet Birdy's tweet So sugar sweet Loveaby

Puffy clouds Puffy clouds are pillows For my sweet love Loveaby

Setting sun Day is done No need to run had so much fun Loveaby

Your so tired Rest by the fire Close your eyes Loveaby

Sweetest Dreams Sweetest Dreams My sweet love Loveaby

Stars shine bright Stars shine bright Through the night Loveaby

Soothing streams Soothing streams Flow into dreams

Loveaby Loveaby Loveaby My sweet love Loveaby


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