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Who Needs Another Hero?

I think Gordon Lightfoot's passing is just starting to sink in to me. I hadn't fully acknowledged how deeply his writing has affected my songwriting. Shout out to my daddy John Scott on this bday of his for introducing me to this amazing writer. It's funny because mostly got strong resonance with Gord while touring in the United States(especially while paddling along and playing on the Mississippi). Of all the artist to ask for when you say your a band from Canada time and time again when people had requests it would be for Gord. twintwa doesn't do covers really but would always oblige for a Gordon Lightfoot request pulling off a decent rendition of the Edmund Fitzgerald one of the first songs I ever learned. Much love to Tina on this day as well really dug into her live performances this past winter. Who needs another Hero when you got Gord and Tina hope they are well and crossing paths in the beautiful beyond.

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